What should be paid attention to when casting vulcanizer

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2022-03-26 10:51

  The casting vulcanizer found that the tape and the heating plate were bonded together after the vulcanization of individual users in use. The reason for this problem is that the user does not put spacers such as newspapers or talcum powder between the upper and lower heating plates according to the operation requirements. The heating plate is in direct contact with the conveyor belt. After this problem occurs, it is only necessary to clean the heating plate. In the next use process, strictly follow the operating procedures and it will not appear again.

Casting Vulcanizer

  If the casting vulcanizer finds that water seepage occurs on the hydraulic plate due to improper storage or bumping during use, the casting vulcanizer should be checked according to the following steps

  (1) Check the water seepage part of the casting vulcanizer, whether it is the surface of the water pressure plate or the contact ground between the surrounding rubber and the lower plate of the water pressure plate. If there is water leakage from the surrounding gaps, all the surrounding screws should be tightened in sequence;

  (2) If the leaking part is the rubber surface of the hydraulic plate, and the leaking part is needle-shaped, in the case of emergency repair, it can be repaired with 520 glue, etc., but the panel must be replaced after the emergency repair;

  (3) In the case of serious water leakage, the casting vulcanizer cannot be used, and the water pressure plate must be replaced.