The detachable insulation cover of the casting vulcanizer is more suitable for the equipment

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2022-03-31 10:52

  During the operation of the casting vulcanizer, high temperature will be generated, and a large amount of heat will be lost, resulting in a waste of energy. Therefore, the thermal insulation of casting vulcanizers is the premise of improving production efficiency. Therefore, the removable insulation cover of the vulcanizer is especially suitable for the vulcanizer.

Casting Vulcanizer

  The detachable insulation cover of the casting vulcanizer is composed of three layers, namely: the inner thermal insulation wrapping layer, the middle thermal insulation layer, and the outer thermal insulation protection layer. It adopts a new type of thermal insulation material, does not contain harmful substances, and has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof and oil resistance.

  Product advantages of detachable flexible insulation cover for casting vulcanizer:

  Casting vulcanizer has good thermal insulation effect, high and low temperature resistance (high temperature resistance 1000 ℃, low temperature resistance -70 ℃) 2. Good chemical stability, resistance to various chemical corrosion; insect-proof frog, mildew proof 4. Anti-aging and weather resistance 5. Waterproof and oil-proof: It has good water-repellent performance and oil-proof.

  The heat-generating part of the casting vulcanizer is wrapped, the thickness of the removable insulation jacket of the vulcanizer can be designed according to the needs of the user, and the surface temperature can be reduced to below 50°C, which can stabilize the temperature and help improve the working stability of the vulcanizer.

  The detachable casting vulcanizer insulation cover can effectively reduce the ambient temperature of the vulcanization workshop, improve the working environment, improve work efficiency, and prevent accidental burns by operators. The detachable insulation cover of the casting vulcanizer can be reused and has a long service life, saving the manufacturer's investment in insulation.