Safety Protection of Tire Casting Vulcanizer

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2022-04-05 10:54

  In tire production, tire casting vulcanizer is one of the key equipments that affect tire quality. The tire stereotype casting vulcanizer is developed on the basis of the ordinary individual vulcanizer. The water tire of the individual vulcanizer is replaced with a bladder. Out-of-mold air cooling and other processes.

Casting Vulcanizer

  Tire casting vulcanizers are equipment with a relatively high degree of danger. Safety requirements and corresponding protective measures of industrial tire vulcanizers are required.

  The emergency stop of the tire casting vulcanizer should have a class 0 or 1 stop function: when the machine is not in the vulcanization stage, the emergency stop trigger should stop all movements, close all energy supply valves, and discharge the vulcanization medium.

  When the casting vulcanizer machine is in the vulcanization stage (the vulcanizer is closed and locked), the emergency stop trigger should stop all movement and close all energy supply valves. Emergency stop interrupts the curing process by stopping the supply of curing medium. The front of the tire vulcanizing machine is generally protected by a safety scanner or a safety light curtain, which is convenient for production or maintenance personnel to perform corresponding operations in the front area of ​​the vulcanizing machine.

  In terms of controllers for casting vulcanizers, the modular small controller PNOZ multi2 is recommended for the safety control of tire vulcanizers. It can be applied to various automation environments and communication systems, with flexible configuration, and provides friendly user diagnosis and simple visualization. window to achieve effective monitoring of various safety sensor signals.