Common problems encountered by casting vulcanizers

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2022-03-22 10:49

  When the casting vulcanizer is heated, the temperature of the heating plate is not uniform, resulting in the phenomenon that the joint cannot be tightly bonded. It should be checked according to the following steps。

Casting Vulcanizer

  (1) Check whether the heat insulation board of the casting vulcanizer is damaged, which is an important cause of uneven heating temperature when the heat insulation board is damaged;

  (2) If the heat insulation board is in good condition, the heating board can be heated separately, and then use a thermometer to test each part of the heating board. If there is a problem, the internal heating piece may be damaged, and the vulcanizing machine manufacturer can be contacted to provide heating pieces. for replacement or return to the factory for repair;

  When the casting vulcanizer is pressed with a manual pump, the pressure does not go up. You can check it according to the following steps

  (1) The casting vulcanizer checks whether the water inlet of the hydraulic plate is pressed due to the over-tightening of the frame bolts. If this happens, loosen the bolts appropriately;

  (2) Check whether there is air leakage or loose joints in the hand pump of the casting vulcanizer, and tighten it, and check whether the gasket of the hydraulic pump is damaged.