Solutions to common problems of flat casting vulcanizers

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2022-03-17 10:49

  Solutions to some simple problems in the use of casting vulcanizers The price of vulcanizers, rubber vulcanizers, and casting vulcanizers are the same as other tools, and there will be some small problems during use, some of these problems are due to improper use, and some are due to improper storage process As a result, these small problems can be solved immediately without affecting the normal use of the vulcanizing machine.

Casting Vulcanizer

  Common problems of casting vulcanizers: the heating process becomes longer or the temperature cannot reach 145 °C. If the above problems are encountered, the following steps should be followed to check

  (1) Whether the wooden heat insulation board is placed between the heating plate of the casting vulcanizer and the frame, if the wooden heat insulation board is not placed or the heat insulation board is lost, the heat insulation board shall be installed and then the temperature rise inspection shall be carried out;

  (2) If the casting vulcanizer cannot heat up, check whether the vulcanization time switch in the upper left corner of the vulcanizer control box is turned on. If it is turned on, the vulcanizer has entered the heat preservation stage, and the temperature cannot rise naturally;

  (3) The above two are normal but cannot heat up. You can check whether the heat insulation board of the vulcanizer is wet. If the heat insulation board is wet after seeing water, the temperature of the heat insulation board should be used to dry it normally before the temperature can meet the requirements;

  (4) If the casting vulcanizer still cannot heat up after passing the above inspection, you should contact the vulcanizer manufacturer for further technical consultation or return to the factory for maintenance.