What are the characteristics of the Foundry special slag remover

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2022-04-13 09:40

  Foundry special slag remover Sunshine series slag remover Features:

  1. The Foundry special slag remover can gather various slag and impurities in the casting solution to ensure the cleanness of molten iron.

Foundry special slag remover

  2. The slag discharge is simple, leaving no scattered floating objects, no sticking to the bag, and no damage to the bag wall and the furnace wall.

  3, heat preservation, reduce the loss of alloying elements.

  4. The Foundry special slag remover can reduce the harmful elements such as phosphorus and sulfur in the molten metal.

  5. Eliminate slag inclusions in castings, improve the quality of castings, and reduce the rejection rate of castings.

  6. The contact with molten iron has stable reaction, no splash, non-toxic and tasteless, no smoke and dust, and does not affect human health.

  Usage and dosage of foundry special slag remover:

  A. When smelting in a smelting furnace with a Foundry special slag remover, after the metal is melted, sprinkle a small amount of slag remover on the surface of the molten metal to initially remove the slag, and then sprinkle a thin layer to cover the surface of the molten metal. After the reaction is sufficient, remove the slag before coming out of the furnace .

  B. Sprinkle a little slag remover on the surface of the molten iron in the ladle. After removing the slag, sprinkle a little more to cover it for pouring. The added amount is about 0.1%-0.3% of the weight of the molten metal.

  C. Casting-specific slag remover For teapot bags: before casting, sprinkle this slag remover on the liquid surface to form a slag insulation layer. As the metal liquid level in the bag drops, the slag remover will drop accordingly. After the casting is completed , the slag layer can be poured out, eliminating the slag removal process, and at the same time, it can also play the function of thermal insulation and oxygen insulation to the ladle to prevent secondary oxidation.

  D. Foundry special slag remover Before the molten metal comes out, a little slag remover can be sprinkled on the bottom of the bag. It is recommended not to put slag remover at the bottom of the ladle before the cast iron is discharged, so as not to affect the spheroidization effect.