Foundry special slag remover to share knowledge of slag remover

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2022-04-19 10:42

  Foundry special slag remover In the casting production, in order to effectively prolong the solidification time of the molten metal in the riser, it is necessary to cover the surface of the molten metal in the riser, and this material is collectively referred to as the slag remover. It is an efficient slag aggregation and slag condensing product with excellent thermal insulation and covering function. The foundry special slag remover main raw material is high-quality volcanic silicate minerals, which are specially processed and used for slag removal, slag blocking and thermal insulation coverage in the casting process.

Foundry special slag remover

  The role of foundry special slag remover

  The foundry special slag remover can be used in the smelting process of non-ferrous metal alloys such as cast iron, cast steel and copper-nickel alloys. Plastic slag layer. Thereby, the slag formed during the smelting process can be removed conveniently, completely and cleanly.

  The foundry special slag remover can effectively avoid slag inclusions in castings, reduce the scrap rate of castings, improve the utilization rate of smelted metal, improve the quality of castings, reduce energy consumption, shorten the operation period, and facilitate operation. Foundry special slag remover is one of the necessary materials for foundry enterprises in the production process.