Judgment of the pros and cons of foundry special slag remover

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2022-04-26 09:45

  The performance of the foundry special slag remover is reflected in the slag removal effect, usage, dosage, iron loss and other aspects:

Foundry special slag remover

  1. The foundry special slag remover must have a certain viscosity when put into the molten iron ladle, and it can accumulate slag into piles and has a certain strength, which is convenient for slag removal or picking out at one time and saves slag removal time;

  2. The use method is simple, no need to spread evenly;

  3. Dosage of foundry special slag remover: the current minimum dosage is 2 to 3 kilograms of slag remover per ton of molten iron;

  4. Coated iron loss: the more molten iron is scraped out with the slag, the more the loss will be, and a good slag remover can keep the iron loss at 1 ton per ton of molten iron;

  5. The response is rapid, there is a certain degree of expansion, the projection is rapid, and there is no need for laborious stirring;

  6. Does not contain substances that change the composition of molten iron to avoid affecting the performance of cast iron;

  7. The foundry special slag remover does not raise dust, improves the working environment, does not contain toxic substances, and reduces the risk of occupational diseases for workers;

  8. After the iron slag is cooled, the slag is brittle, which is convenient for recycling the entrained iron in it.

  The foundry special slag remover has good slag capture performance. When sprinkled on the surface of molten metal, it can expand under the action of high temperature to form an active material with a viscous porous structure.

  Foundry special slag remover is mainly used for smelting of cast steel, cast iron, alloy steel, special steel and non-ferrous castings. Slag grabbing and slag removal is an important technological operation in the refining process. The use of high-efficiency slag remover in ladle, crucible furnace, reverberatory furnace and electric furnace can make molten slag quickly aggregate into slag that is easy to separate from molten metal. Shell, so as to facilitate and clean the slag and ensure the cleanliness of the melt.