The use of foundry special slag remover

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2022-04-08 08:38

  The foundry Foundry special slag remover can efficiently adsorb the waste slag in the molten metal to achieve the best slag accumulation effect, which is beneficial to the purification of molten steel and molten iron and improves the quality of castings.

Foundry special slag remover

  Foundry special slag remover products have more than 96% active ingredients, low bulk density, low water content, and low softening point. After being sprinkled on the surface of the molten metal, the parts in contact with the molten metal rapidly melt to form a high-viscosity "film", which can be adhered to. Wrap the scum to achieve the effect of rapid slag removal.

  Foundry Foundry special slag remover In the use of cast iron, the slag remover absorbs and wraps the scattered scum by forming a viscous puff, forming a large or spherical scum, which can be quickly removed.

  Foundry Foundry special slag remover In the use of cast steel, the viscosity of molten steel itself is high, but it is relatively thin, and the fluidity of the slag layer is stronger than that of molten iron slag. The slag remover forms viscous puffs at high temperature, which can effectively increase the consistency of molten steel scum and reduce molten steel slag. The fluidity is high, and it aggregates into large slag blocks, which is convenient for slag removal and prevents scum from entering the cavity with the pouring.

  The use of special slag remover for high-efficiency casting in blast furnace, converter, refining furnace steelmaking, iron casting, steel casting production and other ferrous metal hot processing industries can make slag quickly aggregate into a slag shell that is easy to separate from molten metal. In turn, it can be quickly removed to ensure the cleanliness of the melt.