What are the characteristics of recarburizers

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2023-02-07 17:45

There are many kinds of raw materials for recarburizers, and the production processes are also different, including woody carbon, coal carbon, coke, graphite, etc., among which there are many small types under various classifications. High-quality recarburizers generally refer to recarburizers that have been graphitized. Under high temperature conditions, the arrangement of carbon atoms is in the microscopic form of graphite, so it is called graphitization.

Graphitization can reduce the content of impurities in recarburizers, increase the carbon content of recarburizers, and reduce the sulfur content. Recarburizers are used during casting to substantially increase the amount of steel scrap and reduce or eliminate the amount of pig iron.
In the feeding method of electric furnace smelting, recarburizers should be put in together with scrap steel and other furnace materials, and small doses can be added on the surface of molten iron. However, it is necessary to avoid feeding a large amount of materials into the molten iron to prevent excessive oxidation, resulting in insignificant carburization effects and insufficient carbon content in castings. The amount of recarburizers added depends on the ratio and carbon content of other raw materials.
Different types of cast iron, choose different types of recarburizers according to your needs. The characteristics of recarburizers itself choose pure carbon-containing graphitized substances to reduce excessive impurities in pig iron, and the selection of recarburizers can reduce the production cost of castings.