The role of recarburizers

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2023-01-31 11:39

Recarburizers can be used for casting, cast iron, cast steel, castings will have a requirement for carbon, so Recarburizers, as the name suggests, is to increase the carbon content in molten iron. The carbon content of cast iron is high, but the purchase price is higher than that of scrap steel. Therefore, increasing the amount of scrap steel, reducing the amount of pig iron, and adding Recarburizers can reduce the cost of castings to a certain extent.

The use of Recarburizers can not only make up for the burning loss of carbon in the process of iron and steel smelting, ensure the carbon content requirements of specific grades of steel, but also be used for post-furnace adjustment. As an important raw material for melting molten iron in induction furnaces, the quality and usage of Recarburizers directly affect the state of molten iron.
Adding specific grades of Recarburizers into the ladle after slag removal and degassing treatment can adjust the carbon content in the ladle to achieve the purpose of multiple numbers in one ladle. The materials used by Recarburizers mainly include graphite, graphite-like, electrode blocks, coke, silicon carbide and other materials. Commonly used electrode blocks and silicon carbide Recarburizers have the advantages of high carbon content and strong oxidation resistance, but the production process is relatively complicated and the cost is high; coke powder and graphite are used as carbon-increasing materials, and the production cost is lower than that of electrode blocks and other materials, but It contains high ash and sulfur content, low carbon content, and poor carburizing effect.