Hualong Casting Coating Series manufacturers take you to understand what to do if the strength of the coating is insufficient

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2023-02-15 16:12

The manufacturer of Hualong Casting Coating Series tells you that although casting technology has been developed for thousands of years, the casting industry has achieved a great development until around World War II. Casting seasoning is usually handled by the craftsman in charge of modeling, and the configuration and randomness of the coating are very large. Today, let's talk about what to do if an individual encounters insufficient paint strength during the paint process!

Hualong Casting Coating Series
What to do if the paint strength is insufficient:
The manufacturer of Hualong Casting Coating Series tells you that the insufficient strength of the coating can be divided into two situations: one is the normal drying strength, and the other is the strength after high temperature washing. The two are not interchangeable. High normal drying strength ≠ high temperature strength. accident.
1. There are two reasons for insufficient drying strength
One is that the performance of the additive is lacking, the other is that the amount of the additive is insufficient, and the third is that there is a problem with the aggregate powder. The former two are easy to understand, while the latter may not be generally clear. The following focuses on the issue of aggregate powder.
① Too thick or too fine aggregate powder will affect the strength of the coating after drying. The best selection range is 180-250 mesh.
② Lightweight aggregate powder (light specific gravity) is often not as strong as heavy aggregate powder. Hualong Casting Coating Series manufacturers tell you that because the coating formed by it is slightly less dense, its volume and coverage are obviously different under the same weight.