What are the advantages of Hualong Casting Coating Series

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2023-03-01 15:37

Hualong Casting Coating Series is a casting auxiliary material that is covered on the surface of the core during the casting process to improve its surface refractoriness, chemical stability, resistance to molten metal erosion, and sand sticking resistance; casting coatings can be made into slurry, paste Shaped or powdered, it is applied on the surface of the core by spraying, brushing, invading, flowing and other methods.

Hualong Casting Coating Series
Advantages of Hualong Casting Coating Series:
1. Compared with phosphate coatings, its unique physical properties determine its advantages;
2. Good ventilation;
3. The thermal insulation effect is obvious, and the melting point is above 1650°C;
4. After spraying, the adhesion is strong and it is not suitable for peeling off. Usually, it needs to be repaired after a week. The manufacturer of Hualong Casting Coating Series tells you that the paint does not need to be sprayed every time like other paints, so as to save the need to disassemble and assemble the paint every day. tedious work;
5. The price is relatively cheap, which greatly reduces the expensive production and casting costs caused by the use of alcohol-based coatings or imported coatings;
6. Greatly improve production efficiency.
The relevant advantages of Hualong Casting Coating Series have been introduced here, and I hope it will be helpful to you.