What are the advantages of high-quality basic phenolic resin

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2022-08-29 08:29

  High-quality basic phenolic resin drying performance and heat resistance analysis The resin is the key raw material for the production of plastics, and is also used to make architectural coatings, adhesives, insulating layer materials, etc. With the recognition and processing of everyone, it has long been widely used. Used in a variety of industries.

Basic phenolic resin

  High-quality basic phenolic resin is a rare and effective diluent. The diluent can easily melt the viscous chemical cake to adjust to the required viscosity, and plays a key role in the production of many processing technologies.

  High-quality Basic phenolic resins are mainly used in the production of high-electrical insulation products. Improve phenolic plastics with {fine} water solution or moisturizing lotion pre-impregnated various chemical fibers and textiles, various reinforced plastics that are dried and pressed are the main industrial materials. It not only has high impact toughness and good comprehensive performance, but also can be machined and manufactured.

  High-quality Basic phenolic resin can be used as an epoxy resin substrate for the functions of heat-resistant heat insulation, wide-screen wave transmission, continuous high-temperature insulating layer, etc. or functional and structural integrated composite materials, and can also be used as raw materials such as porcelain precursors and packaging forms. It shows very good development prospects and application prospects.