Basic phenolic resin manufacturers explain the application of phenolic foam

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2022-09-05 08:31

  Basic phenolic resin manufacturers will explain the application of phenolic foam for you, and its wide application has attracted the attention of merchants and consumers.

Basic phenolic resin

  1. Basic phenolic resin construction industry: phenolic foam has excellent thermal insulation and fire resistance, low cost, safety, light weight, low water absorption, low thermal conductivity, and can be used for wall insulation, non-heating basement upper floor insulation, thermal insulation ceilings, etc. House ceilings, pipe insulation and partitions, etc.

  2. Transportation industry: It can be used as a thermal insulation material for ships, trains, planes and other means of transportation.

  3. Basic phenolic resin petrochemical: Phenolic foam has good heat resistance and chemical resistance, so it can be used in the insulation of petrochemical containers, equipment and pipes.

  4. Water-absorbing material: Open-cell foam can be used as cut flower mud, plant seedbed, soil improvement and other materials. It requires good open-cell rate of foam, and foam is dense and uniform to ensure high water absorption, high water retention and certain strength, water resistance and resistance. The liquid is corrosive, tasteless, dust-free, and has good root-fixing properties.

  5. Basic phenolic resin packaging material: phenolic foam is required to have low density, high shock resistance and low price

  Basic phenolic resin manufacturers hope that phenolic foam can continue to develop and apply the experience and technology, and promote the product well.