Basic phenolic resin suppliers talk about the future development of phenolic resin

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2022-09-12 08:32

  Basic phenolic resin suppliers believe that the production and use of phenolic resin will bring a certain degree of pollution to the environment and affect the entire ecological environment, but pay attention or strengthen pollution control, including wastewater treatment and recycling of waste phenolic resin products and their composite materials. , which can make the phenolic resin develop healthily and rapidly.

Basic phenolic resin

  Regarding the development and research of phenolic resins, basic phenolic resin suppliers mainly focus on enhancement, flame retardancy, low smoke and molding applicability, and develop towards functionalization and refinement. Scientists from various countries use high value-added phenolic resins Materials are the object of research and development.

  The basic phenolic resin supplier found that the new phenolic resin is a polymer compound, which is produced by the condensation reaction of phenol and aralkyl ether. The new phenolic resin has good mechanical properties and heat resistance, and is widely used in diamond products, grinding wheel manufacturing and other industries. The new phenolic resin has strong adhesion, good chemical stability, high heat resistance, small shrinkage during hardening, and stable product dimensions. .

  The basic phenolic resin supplier reminds that the new phenolic resin can be used as a bonding agent for diamond grinding wheels. The usage method is as follows: The new phenolic resin and the phenolic resin are mixed at a ratio of 1:3, which not only improves the strength of the phenolic resin, but also improves the heat resistance. and grinding ratio.