Basic phenolic resin company introduces anti-corrosion phenolic resin

Release time:

2022-09-19 07:41

  Basic phenolic resin manufacturers pointed out that due to the increasing demand for adhesives in the refractory industry, traditional phenolic resins can no longer meet the requirements of consumers. Therefore, it is a matter of course that the phenolic resin must be modified.

Basic phenolic resin

  The basic phenolic resin company has deeply analyzed the characteristics of phenolic resin. From the literal meaning, we can understand it as "resin composed of phenols and aldehydes." It takes something that is literally not there, and that is a catalyst.

  The basic phenolic resin company believes that this industrial synthetic resin will only appear under the action of a catalyst. Due to the different proportions of substances and catalysts, phenolic resins are mostly manifested in thermoplastic and thermosetting forms. Thermoplastic phenolic resins are solid powders and are generally sold directly as powders.

  The basic phenolic resin company believes that the thermosetting phenolic resin exists in the form of a liquid, and the shelf life of the liquid resin is relatively short. These two phenolic resins have high heat resistance and carbon residue rate, and are deeply loved by the refractory industry.

  Basic phenolic resin manufacturers will continue to pay attention to the development direction of phenolic resin, so that everyone can understand it more deeply, and then make more contributions to the refractory industry.