Do you know basic phenolic resin knowledge

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2022-08-23 08:27

  1. With unique high temperature characteristics, the sand core made of basic phenolic resin has thermoplastic and secondary hardening characteristics during high temperature casting, so it can prevent casting defects such as thermal cracking and burrs.

Basic phenolic resin

  2. Excellent comprehensive performance at high temperature: basic phenolic resin sand has thermoplastic and high temperature secondary hardening properties at high temperature during pouring; it relieves the stress of thermal expansion of sand, and makes sand mold and sand core not easy to be damaged, thereby preventing casting production. Thermal cracking can also prevent the core from producing defects such as sand flushing due to low strength at high temperature, and can ensure the dimensional accuracy of the casting.

  3. Good applicability to raw sand. Basic phenolic resin is not only suitable for quartz sand, zircon sand, South African chromite sand with low acid consumption value, but also for various sea sand, chromite sand and forsterite sand with high acid consumption value.

  4. No harmful elements such as resin and curing agent are contained.

  5. Basic phenolic resin no-bake sand has lower gas generation and better collapsibility.

  6. The free formaldehyde content of basic phenolic resin is low, only 0.2%; the curing agent used has no peculiar smell, is harmless to the human body, does not pollute the environment, and has good labor hygiene conditions.

  7. Basic phenolic resin has good grease hardening performance: good hard penetration performance, and the ratio of usable time to demolding time can reach more than 60%.

  8. The curing performance is good, and the mold-releasing time can be adjusted. Three types of curing agents are used as the basis to meet the curing of core sand in different seasons.