Precautions for using Casting Vulcanizer

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2023-01-16 16:38

Casting Vulcanizer, as a conveyor belt joint tool, should be maintained and maintained like other tools during and after use to prolong its service life. The following will take you to understand the precautions for the use of vulcanizers.

Casting Vulcanizer
Precautions for using Casting Vulcanizer:
1. The storage environment of the vulcanizer should be kept dry and well ventilated to avoid dampness of electrical circuits due to humidity;
2. Do not use the vulcanizer outdoors in rainy days to prevent water from entering the electric control box and heating plate;
3. If the working environment is humid and watery, when disassembling and transporting the vulcanizing machine, it should be raised with objects on the ground, and the vulcanizing machine should not be in direct contact with water;
4. If water enters the heating plate due to improper operation during use, you should first contact the manufacturer for maintenance. If emergency repair is needed, open the cover on the heating plate, pour out the water first, then set the electric control box to manual operation, heat up to 100°C, keep the constant temperature for half an hour, dry the circuit, and then Carry out belt gluing under manual state. At the same time, the manufacturer should be contacted in time to replace the circuit as a whole.
5. If the Casting Vulcanizer does not need to be used for a long period of time, the heating plate should be heated every half a month (the temperature is set at 100°C), and the temperature should be kept for about half an hour.
6. After each use, the water in the hydraulic plate should be drained, especially in winter, if the water cannot be drained, it will often lead to premature aging of the rubber of the hydraulic plate and reduce the service life of the hydraulic plate;
The correct way to drain the water is to do it after the vulcanization and heat preservation is over and before the Casting Vulcanizer is disassembled. If water is released after the machine is disassembled, the water in the water pressure plate may not be completely discharged.