What does Foundry special slag remover do

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2022-10-17 17:06

  1. The Foundry special slag remover with good performance is sprinkled on the surface of the molten metal, the reaction is fast and uniform, and the slag can be gathered into a thin film in an instant, which is convenient for slag picking. Prevent casting slag inclusions from causing casting defects, improve casting quality, improve casting yield, and reduce production costs;

Foundry special slag remover

  2. The slag remover with good performance, the packaging is moisture-proof, easy to store, and the use method is simple, which can not only reduce the labor intensity of workers, but also improve production efficiency.

  3. A good Foundry special slag remover is also environmentally friendly, escorting the production, and a good slag remover also has a great effect without smoke, dust and harmful gas pollution, which can purify the environment and produce civilized production.

  Foundry special slag remover is used to remove impurities in molten iron and molten steel in casting.

  1. It can gather various slag and impurities in the casting solution to ensure the cleanliness of molten iron. 2. The slag discharge is simple, leaving no scattered floating objects, no sticking to the bag, and no damage to the bag wall and the furnace wall. 3, heat preservation, reduce the loss of alloying elements. 4. Foundry special slag remover reduces harmful elements such as phosphorus and sulfur in molten metal. 5. The contact with molten iron has stable reaction, no splash, no smell, no smoke and no impact on human health. 6. Remove the slag inclusions in the castings, improve the quality of the castings, and reduce the rejection rate of the castings.