quality Casting cast iron slag remover The slag remover used in the factory has a good slag blocking effect

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2023-01-05 17:44

  quality Casting cast iron slag remover The factory believes that the slag remover is used to remove impurities in molten iron and steel during casting. The slag remover is made of high-quality perlite sand.

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  quality Casting cast iron slag remover The functions and characteristics of the high-efficiency slag remover in the factory: less addition, strong slag gathering ability, easy to crust and remove; it can gather the slag and foreign matter mixed in the casting solution, and the residue can be removed once . The slag is brittle and does not stick to the bag; it improves the life of the furnace lining. quality Casting cast iron slag remover has light specific gravity, large expansion coefficient, good covering and heat preservation performance, and small temperature drop when processing molten metal. When pouring into small pots, etc., it can prevent reflection and refraction and facilitate handling.

  quality Casting cast iron slag remover is mainly used to gather insoluble matter on the surface of the molten iron solution to make it easy to remove and ensure the purity of the molten iron solution; it can also be used as an insulation covering agent and slag removal material, with a thicker insulation layer and excellent insulation Slag performance, but also can effectively isolate the air to prevent the secondary oxidation of the iron solution.