How to use Casting cast iron slag remover

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2022-05-09 08:44

  In the casting process of Casting cast iron slag remover, due to the disordered charge added, the molten metal will produce various waste residues, which will seriously affect the quality of castings and reduce the product qualification rate.

Casting cast iron slag remover

  The raw materials of Casting cast iron slag remover are high-quality perlite and volcanic rock. At the same time, because it has good effect, safety, and convenient and clean slag removal in the process of slag removal of molten iron and molten steel, slag remover is indispensable in the foundry industry. important auxiliary material.

  When choosing a high-quality Casting cast iron slag remover, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Casting cast iron slag remover purifies molten steel, has the functions of slag formation, conjunctiva, and easy to provoke, greatly reduces the number of inclusions, and reduces the probability of slag holes in castings.

  2. It can be sprinkled repeatedly, which can enhance the fluidity and purity of molten steel.

  3. Casting cast iron slag remover can eliminate casting defects such as slag inclusion, pores, cold insulation and casting tread.

  5. Improve the quality of castings, effectively remove surface cracks and slag inclusions, and reduce scrap rate.

  6. The Casting cast iron slag remover can effectively remove the slag without hanging on the furnace wall or sticking to the bag, improving the service life of the furnace, and effectively reducing the content of sulfur, oxygen and inclusions in the steel, and is convenient for storage, transportation and use.

  7. Casting cast iron slag remover has good anti-slag effect, fast melting speed, easy to provoke, safe and does not pollute the environment. It can give full play to the production capacity of refining equipment, improve refining effect, and improve the safety of ladle refining process and molten steel storage and transportation process. are all significant.