Functions and features of customized Foundry special slag remover products

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2022-11-22 18:11

customized Foundry special slag remover products is a new type of composite slag remover developed jointly by several national scientific research institutes after five years. The quality of its products has been proved by actual use, and the product quality is at the leading level in the same industry in China, which can be compared with similar imported products abroad, while the price is far lower than imported products. It is now supplying with more than 3,000 domestic enterprises and charge companies all the year round and exported to foreign countries. Its main raw material is volcanic ash minerals, and its main component is silicate. It is specially processed and proportioned. It is mainly used in molten iron, steel Slag removal and heat preservation of aqueous solution.

Foundry special slag remover for home user

customized Foundry special slag remover products are mainly used to gather the insoluble matter on the surface of the molten iron solution to make it easy to remove and ensure the purity of the molten iron solution; it can also be used as a high-quality thermal insulation covering agent and slag removal material, with a thicker thermal insulation layer and excellent The slag blocking performance can also effectively isolate the air to prevent the secondary oxidation of the iron solution.

Customized Foundry special slag remover products do not burst, spread quickly and evenly, and have strong slag gathering ability. customized Foundry special slag remover products can effectively prevent slag inclusion defects in castings, improve the internal quality of castings, increase the yield of castings, and reduce production costs; the method of use is simple, the labor intensity of workers is reduced, and the production efficiency is improved.