Application of Alkaline phenolic resin Sand in Foundry Production

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2022-07-05 05:16

  1. Alkaline phenolic resin should strictly control the ignition loss of recycled sand

  The ignition loss of reclaimed sand is very important, and poor control directly affects the strength of molding sand.

Alkaline phenolic resin

  2. The Alkaline phenolic resin sand processing equipment should be regularly maintained and repaired

  The quality of sand treatment equipment directly affects the quality of reclaimed sand, especially the reclaimer and dust collector. The sand that has been poured cannot be well demolded and dust removed, which increases the burn-off of molding sand and reduces the strength of molding sand. , so it is necessary to regularly maintain and repair sand processing equipment.

  3. Transformation of sand mixer

  Because the viscosity of Alkaline phenolic resin is higher than that of furan resin, the uniformity of sand mixing in conventional resin sand mixer is not as good as that of furan resin sand. Only by increasing the amount of resin added can it meet production needs. , We move the resin and curing agent of the original sand mixer forward at the same time, so that the resin and the curing agent are fully mixed in the sand mixer, and the strength of the sand mold is significantly improved.

  4. Temperature control

  The temperature mentioned here should, in principle, include the ambient temperature of the workshop, the temperature of the sand and the temperature of the mold. Under the condition that it is difficult to achieve ambient temperature in most production sites, it is especially important to control the temperature of raw sand and reclaimed sand.

  5. Mold compaction and exhaust

  Because the Alkaline phenolic resin has a high viscosity and the addition amount is higher than other resin sands, the fluidity of the Alkaline phenolic resin sand is worse than that of other resin sands, and the amount of gas generation is also large.

  6. Adding a small amount of water to the reclaimed sand can improve the strength of the alkaline phenolic resin sand

  Alkaline phenolic resin has a certain degree of hydrophilicity, so water can wet the resin film remaining on the surface of the regenerated sand. After adding a small amount of water to the regenerated sand, it is beneficial for the resin and curing agent to disperse on the porous residual film on the surface of the sand. , which can improve the strength of no-bake sand.