Advantages of Alkaline phenolic resin no-bake sand process

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2022-06-08 09:00

  The Alkaline phenolic resin no-bake sand process has the following advantages:

Alkaline phenolic resin factory

  1. The flue gas emitted during sand mixing, molding and pouring is less than furan resin sand with acid as hardener, resol Alkaline phenolic resin with acid as hardener and urethane resin sand with amine as hardener.

  2. Since the moulding sand still maintains a certain plasticity when the mould is taken out, the moulding performance is good, the moulding sand is not easy to adhere to the mould, the surface of the sand mould is relatively smooth, and the moulding slope on the pattern can also be smaller.

  3. After the secondary hardening, the thermal stability of the sand mold is good, and there are few vein-like defects on the surface of the thick-walled casting.

  4. After pouring, under the action of high temperature, the Alkaline phenolic resin self-hardening sand is easier to collapse, which is beneficial to prevent cracks in steel castings with complex shapes, and can also improve the falling sand performance of the casting mold after pouring.

  For the Alkaline phenolic resin no-bake sand, the residual alkali metal silicate film on the surface of the sand has a great influence on the rebonding. When the dry friction regeneration method is used, the bonding strength of the regenerated sand is significantly reduced. At present, the recycled amount of reclaimed sand in various countries in the world generally does not exceed 80%, and some foundries have to use all new sand to prepare surface sand.